What People Says About Us

  • Ashok Dilwali

    My friend Shri R K Gupta is also an avid traveller as you will gather that as you turn the pages of this lavishly illustrated publication. He is in love with travel and photography, a fact that can be discerned effortlessly. How many days and nights he has spent in following his heart will make any one envious, including me! He has studied the places well before clicking the shutter. He is no shutterbug who clicks and thinks later, as we witness so many doing that. He has contemplation process going in his head before pressing the shutter. That is most important if one has to capture images which demand attention and not just a passing glance.
    I wish him more such pleasant journeys with a selfish desire that I too will be able to see so many new vistas through his lens.

    Designation:Chartered Accountant and Photo Artist
  • Ravi Kiran Aggarwal

    Amazing! Wonderful collection, A treat to eyes, Spectacular!

    Designation:Ex-Chairman, NSCI-Delhi
  • Family Members of Great Wilson Jones​

    Dear Mr. Gupta, We were so happy to reconnect with you after so many years. Reminiscing all those nostalgic memories with Dad! You guys did such a fantastic job. Its so nice that you and your team are keeping cue sports ticking and our rich legacy alive! The book was a masterpiece and we enjoyed reading it. The Glimpses of the World was awesome! When you are next in Bombay, you must visit us. Thank you and warm regards, Geoff, Julia, Lily Jones..

  • Jason Ferguson

    I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed your books. The photography is beautiful in Treasures of the World and the history well documented in Cue Sports. ​ I have to say I loved the book, it is great to have this information in the public domain. ​

    Designation:Chairman of WPBSA Ltd Director of World Snooker Ltd President of WCBS.
  • Aditya Mehta

    This book is a gem for any cue sports lover. It is hard to imagine the amount of work put into gathering all this invaluable information and putting it into this lovely form. Only a true lover of this game could have put such effort into a project like this. I'd like to thank Mr.Gupta for his passion and commitment to the game in India and wish him the best in future endeavors. ​

    Designation:Indian Snooker Player