The Untold Story of Delhi - The Delhi which You Never Know

The history of the city is as old as the epic Mahabharata. The town was known as Indraprastha, where Pandavas used to live. In due course eight more cities came alive adjacent to Indraprastha.

Get to know exciting mind-boggling details in the book.

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Why to buy this book?

This book holds a vast variety of undiscovered mind blowing facts about our country’s capital; Delhi, which you probably never knew about. This book is so fascinating that it will make you reconsider your thoughts about the places in Delhi and Delhi tourism. Also, after reading this book the only thing that you will say is “Wow, I never knew, Delhi has such a vast heritage and had so many beautiful places that are worth visiting.” So, prepare yourself to make a bucket list of places you will be travelling in the next few weeks, and in a super friendly budget!



Teachers and Scholars must have this book as they will get a chance to see delhi from the eye of a visionary Ravindra Kumar Gupta who has seen everything in reality.



If you are a traveller and you have not bought this Indraprastha Dilli book then you are missing something important and you don't know the real Delhi.


Heritage Lovers

The enthusiasts who take pride in India's heritage they must buy this book, as this book will become their one of the very important intellectual asset.

Book Features and USPs

  • Photographic visualisation clubbed with details of 41 heritages of Delhi.
  • Organised four sections in the fook for your pleasant reading experience.
  • Get to know the "Saga of Delhi".
  • Get to know about the Untold monuments of Delhi.
  • Amazing journey from authentic city Indraprastha to New Delhi.
  • Get to know exciting things like "History behind Paranthe Wali gali".
  • Why Chandni Chowk is called so and how it originated.
  • Interactive book with Originals Photos & User Friendly writing.
  • Book by the visionary Shri. Ravindra Kumar Gupta, who has seen everything in reality from his eyes.

Author's Desk

I was born and brought up in Old Delhi and have very much affection and love. One morning a thought came in my mind to draw a map of Old Delhi as it look like in 18th Century. After various references and researches I was able to create a map of Old Delhi also known as Shahjahanbad. Even after that the creativity in me kept on changing the Map and after various stages a Map combination of Old Delhi with new modern monuments without making any changes in OLD DELHI is drawn. This innovative Map is rare and exclusive and demonstrates the OLD DELHI in sync with NEW DELHI. It took me 3 years to create the same.

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